10 Woman’s Tank Tops for Spring in 2016

It’s tank top season again, and what better way to show off your personal style (and sexy arms!), as things heat up, than to ditch the sleeves. From day to night these chic and trendy tanks are just the thing to make your wardrobe summer-ready. So find a clean beach, a bike path, or the perfect picnic spot and get outside as much as you can. Just remember to wear sunscreen; these 10 Women’s Tank Tops don’t need anything stealing their spotlight!


1. Pop Art – “Van Gogh Blossoming Lime Purple” Woman’s Tank Top

Woman’s Tank Top Pop culture meets art history in this bright, bold and modern woman’s tank top. Representing awakening and hope, Van Gogh was fond of painting blossoming trees. Awaken your sense of style and express your true self with this vibrant look.

2. Jungle Peacock Woman’s Tank Top

Go ahead and shake your extra-fancy tail feathers in this tank perfect for any occasion. Printed with one of the most beautiful birds on the planet, this design is sure to get you noticed the minute you walk in the room.

3. Steinlein – ” Chat Noir” Woman’s Tank Top

French for “The Black Cat,” Le Chat Noir, located in Paris, was a bustling nightclub and music hall in its heyday. Once an advertisement for the club, this woman’s tank top is printed with the now iconic poster art of Stenlen. Turn a few heads and break a few hearts in this timeless design.

Tropical Morning Woman’s Tank Top

4. Tropical Morning Woman’s Tank Top

Now any morning can be a tropical one with this exotic design. Unpack your bags and leave your passport at home, with a tank this postcard-perfect, the tropics come to you! Let every day feel like a vacation in this stylish print.

5. Art Nouveau Woman’s Tank Top

This gentle print harmonizing natural form with curved lines and flowing florets collectively embraces style and art. According to the philosophy of the art nouveau style of the 19th-century, art should be a way of life. With a tank top this artistic it’s easy to agree.

Butterfly Kitten Woman's Tank Top

6. Butterfly Kitten Woman’s Tank Top

In a world of rush hour traffic, jammed printers and shoddy WiFi, sometimes daydreaming about butterflies and kittens playing in a flowery field is necessary to stay sane. This precious woman’s tank is a nod to the humbler things in life.

Tender Giraffe Woman’s Tank Top

7. Tender Giraffe Woman’s Tank Top

Known for being the tallest living terrestrial animal on earth, these gentle herbivores spend their day with their heads in the clouds. Pair this woman’s tank top with a pair of jeans or a cute skirt and elevate your style with this safari-inspired look.

Tiger Leopard Skin Orange Purple Woman’s Tank Top

8. Tiger Leopard Skin Orange Purple Woman’s Tank Top

Take a walk on the wild side in this panthera hybrid design. The bright color combination and animalistic print adds energy and vigor to any wardrobe. Wear this woman’s tank top any time you want to stand out in a crowd.

Tribal Beautiful Butterflies Woman’s Tank Top

9. Tribal Beautiful Butterflies Woman’s Tank Top

Add a little nature-inspiration to your style and discover just how trendy butterflies can be. With a rainbow of colors, this woman’s tank top can be worn with practically anything for a chic yet playful look.

Warwick Goble - "Mermaid Octopus Sailing" Woman’s Tank Top

10. Warwick Goble – “Mermaid Octopus Sailing” Woman’s Tank Top

Fairy tale illustrations, like this original print, add a brilliant sense of color and wonder to any look. Create a fantastical impression on anyone you meet with this stunning mermaid and octopus design.


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