Whether you’re a bird lover or not, anyone can agree that the cockatiel is a beautiful creature. With its trademark sunshiny yellow head, sweet demeanor, and outgoing personality, what’s not to love? Because this famously perfect pet bird is just too irresistible, we’ve decided to create a collection worthy of any nest. Here are some of the most interesting facts you could ever learn about cockatiels along with some stylish tees to match.

cockatiels31.You’ve Got a Friend In Me

Owning a cockatiel means you’ll have a companion for life. These feathered friends typically live about 20-25 years with some reports of the birds living up to 36 years! As with most living beings, diet, exercise, and companionship play a big part in longevity.

2. In Fact, They Need Companionship

When we say you have a friend for life, we mean more than a Facebook friend. These birds require some serious lovin.’ They enjoy physical contact and lend themselves well to taming. They enjoy being petted, scratched and preened. When a cockatiel wants to be petted he will lower his head or even give love-nibbles to their owner’s fingers. Most likely a cockatiel wants to have his neck or head scratched since he can’t do it on his own.

3. Males are the Best Whistlers

While both sexes enjoy whistling and have a wide range from soft cheeps to loud tweets, it’s the male who is usually the one belting a tune and showing off. Cockatiels have a reputation for demanding attention of their owners.

4. No Deadbeat Dads

Unlike other bird species, the male cockatiel sticks around and cares for the newborn chicks. They will even put their own lives in danger and face much larger birds in order to keep their young safe. They are much more nurturing and affectionate than the female cockatiel and will step up and assume both parenting duties if the female becomes injured.

4. They Are Copycats

Similar to a toddler, cockatiels are known for mimicking repetitive sounds and noises. So, watch what you say around them!

5. Cheap, Cheep!

When you can, definitely look into adopting first, but if you must purchase a cockatiel at a pet store, they are typically less expensive than most other birds. Prices range from $40 to $75

cockatiel and mirror

6. Mirror Love

Because they are such social birds, it’s best to keep two cockatiels together in the same cage. Male and female birds will become good companions and even show signs of being a couple. However, if you place a mirror in the cage, a female will grow attracted to the face in the mirror and completely ignore the male. There are mixed thoughts on whether or not a mirror should go into a cockatiels cage due to their obsession with mirrors. If you do choose to put a mirror in the cage, keep an eye on things and remove the mirror if the bird becomes too smitten.

7. Be Careful How You Cook

The fumes from cookware coated with Teflon can actually kill your cockatiel, so take care to change your cookware or the proximity of your cockatiel to the kitchen.

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