All In Your Head

Deeply influenced by the timeless glamour of Gustav Klimt’s artwork, this chic outfit stars the Austrian painter’s “Amalie Zuckerandl” printed on a comfortable and stylish tee. Paired with black and white slim-fit trousers, flirty leather boots, whimsical accessories and a completely swoon-worthy cashmere beret, this outfit gives you the perfect excuse to go out and show it off. Klimt once said, “Art is a line around your thoughts.” If that’s the case, than this outfit is the perfect way to express yourself!

All in your head.


Apiece Apart slim fit pants
$84 –

Man bag
$40 –

Coralia Leets pendant necklace
$165 –

Alexander McQueen ruby ring
$305 –

Jade Jagger ring

Beret hat


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