The decorative style of art nouveau takes from the unruly characteristics of the natural world. Influenced by everything from architecture and design to wildlife and art, this international style was most popular throughout the late 19th century. Elegantly inspired by the curves and features of flowers and plants, the “new art” gained popularity in Europe and quickly became a way of life for many Europeans, particularly those who were well-off. While the style was already outdated by 1910, there’s no doubt that the imaginative yet sophisticated look is new again. Our Art Nouveau collection has generated enthusiasts from all over the world and continues to inspire the styles of those who love applied art and chic fashion.

Garden de Imagenes (Garden of Imagination)

Art Nouveau 001 Mens Tshirt

This unmistakable look portrays the ornamental style of the movement. Displaying a pensive woman with ornate jewelry holding a flower, this print perfectly represents the popular art form of the First World War. Available in tees, tanks, hoodies and leggings.

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Jeune Coeur de Nouveau (Young Heart)

Art Nouveau 002 Womens Tank

Colorful, dreamy and elaborate, this print captures the essence of the era while being completely relevant today. The soft hues and unique design easily pair with day or evening wear. Enjoy this print in a variety of ways from tees and leggings to hoodies.

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Mysterieux et beau (Mysterious and Beautiful)

Art Nouveau 004 Womens TshirtExquisite and boasting with romantic flair, this print emphasizes the craftsmanship and design of the times. The woman in the design is full of organic wonder as the background flourishes with color.

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Danseur Colore de Nouveau (Colorful Dancer)

Art Nouveau 007 Mens Longsleeved SweatshirtGorgeous pastels combine with a whimsical motif that is as vibrant as it is enigmatic. This consuming look is a beautiful nod to the 18th century art and pairs as easily with jeans as it does with heels.

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Tribal Art Nouveau

 Art Nouveau Womens TshirtThe ornamental, naturistic features of the art nouveau style create a pattern like no other in this attractive print. Warm and almost mesmerizing, this print captures the spirit of 19th century Paris.

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