Anyone who ever made a handprint turkey on Thanksgiving or a handmade clay pot for their mom on Mother’s Day has an art teacher to thank. Besides the basic drawing techniques, color patterns and craft curriculum they’ve taught us, there’s no doubt that we owe a lot to art teachers for their style inspiration as well. While they come in all forms and wear all sorts of styles from denim overalls to frumpy smocks, these eccentric educators know that getting creative and staying true to their personal style is what makes the grade. The following are Back-to-School styles for Art Teachers and those who just want to look like them when they grow up.

1. Flower Paint Balls Collage Women’s 3/4 Sleeve T-Shirt

Flower Paint Balls Collage womens 3/4 sleeve

There’s nothing art teachers love more than flowers and paint balls, and this sprightly 3/4 –length sleeve t-shirt is the perfect mix of both. With a rainbow of colors printed all over, this beautiful top goes with everything from the first day of school to happy hour.


2. Paint Splatter Madness Women’s Tank Top

Paint Splatter Madness Womens Tank Top

Art is all about self-expression and getting a little wild with your creativity. What better way to go over the top than by splattering it all over the canvas? That carefree artistic approach is exactly what we captured in this colorful print. Pair with a blazar or cardigan for those chilly over-air-conditioned classrooms.


3. Paint Splatter Madness Blue Women’s Leggings

Paint Splatter Madness Blue Womens Leggings

Some days you wake up and realize you’re only half way through the week and the only way you’re going to keep those kids (and yourself!) energized is by upping the splatter paint continuum. Lucky for you, we’ve got you covered so you can do just that. These leggings are similar to our paint splatter madness tank top, but give you the freedom to change things up a bit. Pair with the Claude Monet – Blue Water Lilies (1916) blue chiffon women’s tee for the ultimate in art teacher stimulus.


4. Hippie Dippie Crazy Paint Women’s 3/4 Sleeve T-Shirt

Hippie Dippie Crazy Paint Womens 3/4 Sleeve

Look pulled together with just the right dash of eccentric chic with this all over print t-shirt inspired by the 1960s. Thanks to the 3/4 sleeves on this bright t-shirt, you don’t have to worry about your sleeves getting in the way of demonstrating a skill or cleaning up after the kiddos. This top would look great with a long denim skirt.


5. Pablo Picasso – “Yo Picasso” Women’s Chiffon Top 

Pablo Picasso - "Yo Picasso" (1901) Pablo Picasso - "Yo Picasso" (1901) Pablo Picasso - "Yo Picasso" (1901) Pablo Picasso - "Yo Picasso" Womens Chiffon

Why wait for a pop quiz to see if your students really know the greats. This women’s chiffon top depicts the Spanish painter’s self-portrait when he was probably just a few years older than your students. Show up to school in this and strike up a conversation in class and the teacher’s lounge.


6. Pop Art Pop Art Klimt – “The Kiss Blue And Yellow” Women’s Chiffon

Pop Art Klimt - "The Kiss Blue And Yellow" womens chiffon

Art teachers constantly walk a fine line between trying to look professional while also knowing that at the end of the day there will probably be everything from paint to melted crayon smeared on their clothing. This vibrant top depicting the remarkable work of Gustav Klimt is both fabulous and functional.