Although notebooks, red pens, and big mugs of coffee are all necessary for a teacher to have in their arsenal when heading back to the classroom, there’s no doubt that the essential back-to-school checklist must also include the perfect wardrobe. What better way to show off your enthusiasm for the subjects you teach than with Yizzam apparel? From history and art to science and literature, our themed collections of tees, tanks and hoodies have everything you need to make this year the best one yet!

The following collections are sure to be a hit when you rock them in the classroom.

Art Teachers

Picasso_Three-Musicians_Mens T-Shirt
Bosch The Garden Of Earthly Delights Mens Long Sleeve
Munch Scream Womens T-Shirt

Besides the basic drawing techniques, color patterns and craft curriculum you teach in your classrooms, there’s no doubt that art teachers certainly have some sway for their style inspiration as well. While “art teacher fashion” comes in all forms from denim overalls to frumpy smocks, the eccentricity of your education encourages getting creative and staying true to their personal style. And that’s what truly makes the grade! The following are Back-to-School styles for Art Teachers who want to make a lasting impression on their students.

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Earth Science Teachers

Weather Hurricane Iceland Mens T-Shirt

Lightning Crashes Womens T-Shirt
Lightning Storm Blue Torquoise Mens T-Shirt

For Earth Science teachers and want a way to express their obsession for all things related to the subject both in and out of the classroom, than our Earth Science collection is for you. With a variety of earth science t-shirts and other earth science apparel you can fill your wardrobe with designs inspired by our breathtaking planet and all that nature has to offer. As you know, earth is a beautiful thing, so go ahead and express your enthusiasm to your classroom full of eager learners with earth science clothing from our collection!

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English / Literature Teachers

The Tragedy Of Hamlet Womens T-Shirt
Cobbe Portrait Of William Shakespeare Mens Long Sleeve T-shirt
The Classics Mark Twain Mens T-shirt

From To Kill a Mockingbird to the Odyssey and every other required reading book in between, as an English teacher, you get to share your love of reading each day with your classroom.  Because you’re a book lover who isn’t afraid to show it, we know you’ll love our library of Literary T-Shirts that successfully feature story-telling at its finest. Just as storybook imagery is an attempt to create a mental picture for strong, visual, emotional and even physical responses, this literary collection of styles has the ability to capture any audience (even those who would rather be playing video games than reading! *gasp*) as you express your own story through fashion.

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Astronomy or Science Teachers

Nasa Spacewalk Womens T-Shirt
Lunar Eclipse Mens Long Sleeve
Space Galaxy Virtual Ring Nebula Womens T-Shirt

With field trips to planetariums and homework that includes gazing up at the night sky, astronomy teachers are already considered pretty cool.  Yet, as you know, the sky’s the limit when it comes to astronomy, which is why we can’t help but encourage our out-of-this-world apparel for your wardrobe.  Astronomy teachers everywhere are going back to school in star style with our intergalactic astronomy inspired apparel.

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History Teachers

The Lincoln Cooper Union Mens T-Shirt
Boston from the Air 2014 mens T-Shirt
Avenue du Bois de Boulogne Womens Long Sleeve

In a world full of exciting technology and every day drama, it’s no surprise that some students use the words “boring” and “history class” in the same sentence. Yet, as a history teacher you know just how thrilling it can be to dive into the depths of yesteryear. In fact, day after day you go above and beyond to make obvious connections to today. You know that nothing grabs a student’s interest quite like pointing out human folly and reminding them that history repeats itself. Another way to spark interest among your classroom is by wearing our collection of history apparel.  Full of prints depicting some of the greatest moment in history, you’re sure to start a fashion revolution when you show up to teach in these.

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Culinary / Home Economics

Cupcake Sweetheart Womens T-Shirt
Watermelon womens T-Shirt
Lollipop Mens T-Shirt

Home Economics teachers are the ones who teach us the life skills we can’t even Google. From how to sew on a button to how to make the perfect pancake, we have to hand it to the humble Home Ec teacher for teaching us how to survive on our own. You guys rock and even if your students don’t always show it, everybody looks forward to the one class that provides a snack as part of the curriculum. Get cooking and spice up your teacher wardrobe with our collection of food-inspired apparel.

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