Even on the warmest summer nights, chances are you’re still tucked in under a cozy blanket. Regardless of sleeping position or temperature, there’s just something about the comfort and satisfaction of nestling in. Since birth we’ve been accustomed to the protection and security of surrounding ourselves in our favorite blanket and that habit doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon. And why should it? Whether relaxing in bed as we scroll through social media, curled up with a good book by the campfire, or laying in the grass at the park, we rely on quality blankets to protect us from the elements.

There’s even been scientific studies that suggest we simply feel safer wrapped in a blanket. It increases our brain’s serotonin levels and decreases the presence of stress hormones. Wow, who knew? We just thought our all over print blankets looked cool as a throw on the couch. So whether you cuddle up to warmth and comfort or spice things up with something to match existing décor, our new product line of blankets are reason enough to wrap yourself in style. All of our blankets are hand painted one a time using our special water based dye process and make great gifts.

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Sherpa Blankets

Infinity Future Fractal Throw
Our all over Sherpa blankets are the best way to brighten up any room. With designs such as Infinity Future Fractal, Vincent Van Gogh “Sunflowers,” and Pablo Picasso “Old Guitarist” (1903), you can finally snuggle up to your love of fine art whenever you feel a chill. Add whimsy and a pop of color while also enjoying the warmth and coziness of real Sherpa. These all over print designs are bold, colorful, and stunningly clear. With a collection this eclectic, you can pick an all over print Sherpa blanket for every room.

 Fleece Blankets

Claude Monet Fleece Blanket
Indulge in fine art as you wrap yourself in luxury with our all over print collection of fleece blankets. Exceptionally soft and undeniably unique, we’ve combined famous art prints with the softest and coziest fleece around. Whether you’re in to fantasy, animals, art history, or a combination of it all, we have something for everyone – and every room!  These all over print fleece blankets are an easy way to add a little pop of color to any room for easy décor while also adding the convenience of a soft blanket whenever you need one

Picnic Blankets

Edmund Du Lac The Little Mermaid Blanket
Enjoy a relaxing day in the park or claim your space at your favorite outdoor festival with our beautiful collection of all over print picnic blankets. Soft, durable, and the perfect size, they fold up easily to tag along wherever your adventure takes you. From the beach to a soccer game, these all over print picnic blankets will fit your on-the-go lifestyle.  Stunning designs such as Edmund Dulac – “The Little Mermaid 2” (1911), Vincent van Gogh – “The Terrace Café On The Place Du Forum In Arles At Night Arles” (1888), and Peacock help your blanket stand out in the crowd.

MicroMink Whipstitched Blankets

Mucha Dance Blanket
Wrap yourself in fine art and expressive designs with our eclectic collection of all over print MicroMink Whipstitched blankets. Soft and elegant, famous prints such as Alphonse Mucha – “Dance” (1898) or Elenore Plaisted Abbott – “The Mermaid And The Flower Maiden” look stunning draped over a chair or sofa in your office, bedroom, or living room. Add a pop of color to any interior while always having a soft blanket on hand. Whether you’re looking for art or whimsy, our collection of all over print micromink whipstiched blanket has something for everyone.

Velveteen blankets

Ideal as part of bedding or to wrap up in while relaxing, our all over print velveteen blankets are super soft, beautiful, stylish, and oh-so-cuddly! Warm enough for winter yet light enough for summer, these breathable, durable all over print velveteen blankets are perfect to keep around anytime you need an extra layer of coziness.  In gorgeous all over prints such as Space Galaxy Dumbell Nebula, Leonardo da Vinci – “Mona Lisa” (1503), Alphonse Mucha – “Laurel” (1901), and even Kosher Dill Pickles, there’s something for everyone.

Woven Tapestry Throw Blankets

Happy Donuts Picnic Blanket
One of the easiest ways to add texture and décor to any room is with an All Over Print Woven Tapestry Throw Blanket. With multiple functions from snuggly throw blanket to brilliant wall art, our woven tapestries come in a collection of styles. Draw more attention to the walls of any room with a beautiful Vincent Van Gogh print or chill with your feet up as you stay warm under our Happy Donuts print. The possibilities are endless with our unique collection. Gorgeous patterns, bold colors, and exceptional art prints look great in any bedroom, living room, corridor, office or bathroom. They are just the right size and suitable for practically any environment.

Get a Free 30″x40″ Smooth Fleece Blanket for Free When you Order Now with code: FREEBLANKET


Design your own custom 30″x40″ Smooth Fleece Blanket at our sister site Pic4less with code: FREEBLANKET

Offer lasts until November 30th, 2019. Limit 1 per customer. Requires payment for shipping.