Cat lovers take their admiration and extreme appreciation for felines to the next level. Their fur babies are much more than pets, they are family. While it may be tough for some to truly grasp the passion these folks have, cat lovers totally understand each other, even if they don’t quite get some of their cats’ (let’s face it, true cat lovers can’t have just one) antics. In an ode to those who love their pets more than they ever thought possible, this collection is full of some of our funkiest and trendy cat designs. There’s something for everyone here, except maybe dog lovers.

Beach Beauty Kitty Cat

Beach Beauty Kitty Cat Mens Tank Top

You call it a beach, your cat thinks it’s a giant litter box, but either way, it’s a beautiful place to spend some time outdoors. Spend some time with your kitty outside as you combine your love of the beach and cats in this comfortable Mens tank top.

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Gorgeous Eyes Siamese Cat 2014 Mens Tshirt

Gorgeous Eyes Siamese Cat Womens Top

The eyes say it all in this gorgeous print of the beautiful Siamese. It’s impossible to resist this distinctly recognized breed of Asian cat. Elegant and sophisticated, this design goes from day to night and is perfect for any occasion.

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Sphynx Cat Beach Sunset Womens Tshirt

Sphynx Cat Beach Sunset Womens Top

Don’t forget sunblock when you head to the beach in this comfy all over print top sporting the infamous hairless cat. Sunsets and Sphynx cats go together like your favorite pair of jeans and this trendy print. Comfortable and trendy, this top is perfect for a night out after a day at the beach, too.

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Tree Climber Siamese Cat 2014 Womens Tshirt

Tree Climber Siamese Cat Womens Top

Although it’s a cat owner’s nightmare, this tree climbing Siamese kitty makes for a beautiful print that goes with anything. Keep the fire department at bay – wear this shirt as you cuddle with your fur baby safe in your arms.

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Hipster Cat Collage Mens Tshirt

Hipster Cat Collage Mens T-Shirt

From a kitten in sunglasses to two-toned studious-looking beauties, this design is one of the better ways to sport your passion for kitties. An all over print mens t-shirt, this design full of various cat breeds being silly, is the ideal choice for music festivals, film festivals, or cat lover’s festivatls.

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City Sweater Sphinx Cat Womens Tshirt

City Sweater Sphinx Cat Womens Tank Top

As odd as it is sophisticated, this sphinx in a sweater print is everything you need for your wardrobe. It looks great on its own or with a cardigan. It also pairs well with a cup of coffee at your local cat café. Get ready for compliments galore!

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Cat 004 mens tank top

Psychedelic Kitty Close Up Men’s Tank Top

When it comes to showing your love for cats, there’s no need to hold back. Wear your love proudly in the best way by going big in an all over cat face tank. Everything from the color to the print makes this design an absolute wardrobe essential.

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Yawning White Cat 2014 mens tshirt

Yawning White Cat Mens T-Shirt

While your beloved cat is sleeping the day away on your bed, you can be out and about in this adorable print of a white cat yawning. Imagine being home snuggling with your fur baby as you wear this everywhere you go. When you get home, they will probably find it and sleep on it.

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Wise Exotic Cat 2014 mens

Wise Exotic Cat Mens T-Shirt

They say cat lovers are extremely intelligent so it’s no surprise why this Wise Exotic cat all over print t-shirt is so popular. The colors and expression on the cat’s face make this one a must-have for every cat lover. Look smart when you pair this with a sport jacket and cool sneakers.

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