Chinese Bean Sprout Head wear

Call it a hat, a head band or the perfect solution to a bad hair day, this hot trend from China is quickly catching on. Made trendy recently by famous Taiwanese singer Jay Chou, who was photographed wearing his own pair of bean sprouts, some are saying the accessory dates back to ancient Chinese teachings about being one with nature.

From clovers and sunflowers to chrysanthemums, mushrooms and pine trees, individuals in China are wearing these plastic pieces of nature everywhere they go. There’s no telling how long this um, organic trend will last. So the real question now is, why aren’t you wearing one yet?

“Every once in a while on this planet we call home, a stretch of boring, uneventful weeks arrives, during which nothing of great import — truly, nothing at all — seems to happen. For weeks, there’s no huge natural disaster and even the stresses of daily life are minimal. Your paycheck arrives on time. The subway doesn’t break down. The whole planet seems to spin a bit slower, and, for a time, you actually enjoy your newfound boredom.” – Rebekah Lowin,

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