There’s no doubt that colors have a huge affect on us. Almost everyone has a favorite and we often choose everything from cars to clothing based on how a color makes us look or feel.  But they can also affect our mood – including when it comes to our chemistry with others. Wait, what? Yup! Color psychologists (those are real people, btw) suggest that one can create chemistry with another person simply by wearing the right colors. So while you may enjoy wearing a certain color because it puts you in a good mood, consider the fact that your wardrobe need not be restricted to just enhancing your own attitude, but that of the person you want to attract. If you’re looking for love this Valentine’s Day and your life seems somewhat colorless without a partner, consider the following color psychology to attract the right one in your life.

Red and Love

Boxes of chocolates, teddy bears, greeting cards, candy hearts, and more, there’s absolutely no getting away from the color red in February. So we might as well start with the correlation between the crimson shade and love. Ever since the earth was formed, red has evoked a basic, yet reproduction-relevant primal behavior in almost every species.  In essence, red makes people want to get it on. It also signifies health, passion, economic and social status. For example, a female monkey in heat has a bright red bum and the healthiest male cardinals have the brightest red feathers.

Studies have even shown that when men see a woman wearing red they immediately perceive her as more attractive. In a group experiment among scientists, men chose to sit closer to the women who were wearing red. Similarly, women felt a strong sexual attraction to men wearing red shirts or even those who were sitting in front of a red backdrop.  The studies showed that when women see a man wearing red they think of him as being socially elevated, which evokes a sense of sexual attraction.

In a multi-million dollar industry, it absolutely makes sense that Valentine’s Day focuses on the “color of love.” But, what about other colors? Clearly wearing an all-red dress or suit with red shoes, red hats, and red glasses would actually be a turn-off on the big day. Don’t worry, scientists have some statistics on other colors as well in regards to color preferences shown by women and men.

1. Women prefer their partner to wear purple, yellow, green, orange, and red the best.
2. Men prefer their partner to wear black, green, brown, blue, and course red.

Of course, it’s also important when considering color choice that the color actually looks good on you. If your partner loves purple but it doesn’t match your skin tone, than you probably won’t appear as attractive.

Here are what the other colors in your wardrobe mean in the color psychology spectrum:

Blue and Love

Blue is one of those colors that is almost always complimentary. Who doesn’t love blue? Be it dark blue, light blue, or royal, blue is a basic shade that can’t be beat! Just as blue jeans can go with practically anything, blue is considered a go-to color for a lot of reasons. Those who wear it are perceived as trustworthy, cool, stable, and reliable. All of those are important to have and portray to a potential mate.

Pink and Love

Next to red, pink gets a lot of love this time of year, too. Known for giving off the impression of frilly, fun, whimsical, and femininity, it isn’t just for women. Men can rock this color easily by wearing a pink shirt, tie, or even pink shorts (warmer clients, of course). For extra pizazz, go ahead and pair it with red on V-day for a true fashion statement.

Yellow and Love

Believe it or not, yellow is an extremely powerful color. It is also the most dangerous shade in nature. Think snakes, bees, etc. Wear yellow to express confidence and radiate poise. Wearing yellow lets everyone know you are completely self-assured in your abilities.

Green and Love

Like blue, green is extremely versatile. Green is both inviting and warm, and puts those around you at ease because it gives off a sense of peace, calm, and pleasing feeling. If you’re nervous about your date, or worried your partner might be, go ahead and wear green. It will make everyone less anxious and help calm nerves. Green also denotes a care for the environment, well-being, and wealth. Don’t be afraid if they make you pay the check if you’re wearing green!

Black and Love

Go ahead and wear that little black dress. Black is all about bringing the drama every time! While you may want to steer clear of wearing this color from head to toe on Valentine’s Day, this absence of color is actually one of the most versatile of al. It is both exciting and relaxing, and can be modern and traditional.

Brown and Love

Yes, we said it. Brown and love actually go pretty well together. Brown, an earthy tone is a great color when you’re trying to add peaceful perspective. It offers a sense of comfort and relaxation and puts anyone around you at ease. Pair with green and everyone should be as cool and calm as can be!

Gold and Love

Lucky for you, we are talking about the color, not actual gold. If you didn’t buy that gold jewelry for her this year, don’t worry, maybe you could wear some instead. Just as good, right? Gold is known for being elegant and prestigious. It adds an element of power that no other color can match. It symbolizes wealth and nobility. Pair with purple to add regal appeal! Wear enough of the color and you won’t have to wear any jewelry at all!

Purple and Love

Speaking of purple, this color is one of royalty. If you’re looking to add a touch of prestige and elegance to your wardrobe than go for it! Sometimes gold can be a little much, so purple is a spectacular close second. Besides, the color also represents spring, something we want and hope for right about this time of year.

Orange and Love

Ready to liven things up? Orange is all about bringing the energy! Its powerful attention-getting effect combined with a fun and playful appeal, makes it great for breaking the ice and having a good time. A rule of fashion, however, don’t go crazy with this color. It’s not one that looks great on everyone, so proceed with caution. Go for pops of orange instead of all over orange if you’re worried you may not be able to rock it completely.

Color Psychology and Love

Clearly color psychology is fascinating and numerous studies have been conducted on it by scientists and researchers all over the world. In one case, color psychology even effected chameleons. When Aegean wall lizards were observed, the color changing reptiles were actually afraid to use attractive colors to catch the eye of potential mates seen because it also made them attract predators. Simply put, they were actually afraid to die for love. Can you blame them?

Again, using the example of reptiles, scientists have looked into human evolution and how exactly color psychology came about. Based on their studies, the research concluded that male animal species have always used the most attractive and brightest colors without being afraid of being seen by their predators. Hello, male peacock! Females, however, have forever been known to favor camouflage.

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