Pot, weed, MaryJane, grass, ganga, or whatever term of endearment you use, you’ll find plenty of ways to express your love of all things marijuana with our 420 collection.  From psychedelic looks to marijuana prints, here at Yizzam, we know the loyalty potheads have to 420 is almost as strong as their devotion to their favorite item of clothing. That’s why our collection of 420 appeal and 420 t-shirts is dedicated to those who know that 420 is more than a hobby or occasional habit, it’s a way of life.

It doesn’t matter if you actively support the 420 lifestyle or are more elusive about indulging, our 420 apparel and 420 t-shirts will keep you looking smokin’ wherever you go – even if it’s just from the couch to the kitchen to grab some munchies. So on this day, 4/20, as we delight in the euphoric glow of fashion, take a moment and look at our 420 collection, perfect for the herbally enhanced.

Yellow Haze Legalize It Men’s T-Shirt

Yellow Haze Legalize It Mens Shirt

Wear it like you smoke it in this trendy all-over print. No need to hide your love for cannabis when you’ve got our Yellow Haze Legalize It T-Shirt doing all the talking for you.

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Purple Haze Legalize It Women’s Top

Purple Haze Legalize It Womens Tshirt.jpeg
Similar to our Yellow Haze Legalize It T-Shirt, this version in purple is a nod to the Jimi Hendrix Experience. Psychedelic rock meets 420.

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Big Burger Men’s Hoodie Sweater

Big Burger Mens Mens Hoodie
Similar to our Yellow Haze Legalize It T-Shirt, this version in purple is a nod to the Jimi Hendrix Experience. Psychedelic rock meets 420.

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Trippy Hippy Trip Women’s Leggings

Hippy Trip Womens Leggings

Bright pink, comfy and perfect for lounging on the couch or going on a 420 adventure. Do your thing while looking exquisitely appealing in these trippy leggings.

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Pineapple Dream Jumbo Women’s Top

Pineapple Dream Womens t-shirt
Whether you’re flying high on the pineapple express today or not, you’ll look great in this exotically chic top.

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Psychedelic Neon Soap Party Violet Men’s Hoodie Sweater

Psychedelic Neon Soap Party Violet Mens Hoodie

Go on a trip while looking the part and represent the vivid surrealistic visions brought on by 420. This trendy hoodie will surely be one of your favorites!

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Mac and Cheese Men’s Long Sleeve

Mac and Cheese Mens Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Fill up on comfort food while wrapped in this comfortable print.  It’s the perfect 420 match up!

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Extra Butter Popcorn Women’s Top

Extra Butter Popcorn Womens T-shirt

Did you say Extra Butter? We’re all in, especially today! Grab a handful of the buttery goodness and start a trend while representing everyone’s favorite munchie.

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Bindi Indian Pattern Red Orange Men’s T-Shirt

Bindi Indian Pattern Red Orange

With subtle butterflies and muted reds, this popular print is a great look for 420. Weed is as native to India as the Bindi mark. Wear it proudly while looking trendy as ever.

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