The sky’s the limit for all that can be taught about the wonders of the universe and astronomy teachers aren’t just excited about it, they LIVE for it! From inspiring demonstrations presenting what astronauts and rocket scientists do, to the research and explanation of the vast universe, astronomy teachers go to great lengths to look beyond the classroom. So in honor of these star educators, we’ve put a list together of some of the coolest stuff and starry-chic fashions that will help astronomy teachers everywhere go back to school in style.

1. Decorative Celestial Glass Sphere

Decorative Celestial Glass Sphere

This enchanting glass sphere makes outer space seem a little closer – right in the classroom, in fact. Like a mysterious moon rock, this decorative piece glows in the dark to expose surface detail. This glass sphere is perfect when the lights dim and the NASA videos come on. Keep this on your desk and you’ll still be able to grade papers and keep an eye out for flying saucers (or spitballs)


2. Space Helmets

space helmets

Whether it’s the first day of school, holiday party or just a plain old Thursday that needs spicing up, these space helmets are sure to bring the life back to your students. Role play as astronauts before a big exam to get your head in the game, or decorate them for stylish desk decorations. Whatever you choose to do with these space helmets, they are sure to be a big hit.


3. Galaxy Wall Clock with Planet-like Orbiting Motion

Galaxy Wall Clock

There are clocks and then there are awesome pieces of art that happen to tell the time of day. This galaxy wall clock appears to keep time suspended in mid-air. The hidden motorized magnets move the second, minute and hour markers leaving you mesmerized as you watch the planets move. The planets continuously move on this celestial timepiece as the seconds revolve around the surface of the clock. This would look perfect in any astronomy classroom and can be mounted on wall or sit on a desk.


4. Apollo 15 Flag On Moon Space Men’s Long Sleeve

Apollo 15 Flag On Moon Space Mens Long Sleeve

As the fourth manned mission to land on the moon, the astronauts of Apollo 15 were no less excited than the first time American astronauts landed on the moon. (Does landing on the moon ever get old, really?) This comfortable and trendy men’s long sleeve t-shirt puts the spotlight on that magical time in 1971 when the motley crew of 3 took steps for mankind.


5. Space Burst Men’s Long Sleeve

Space Burst Mens Long Sleeve

You’d be hard pressed to find a trendy space t-shirt that grabs the attention of students and coworkers alike than with this effervescent space burst. Bright fuchsia along with a plethora of rainbow colors splash across the black surface as if to recreate the night sky. With so many colors, this graphic print men’s t-shirt will go with just about anything. Wear this on the first day of school to get the attention of your students and give them a hint at just how cool astronomy class and their teacher are going to be this year.