If you’ve ever looked in the mirror and cursed your crooked teeth, perhaps you should think about taking a trip to Japan. While your uneven pearly whites may get you teased in the United States, the “yaeba” or snaggletooth is considered cute and attractive in Japan. Many even consider a crooked grin to be endearing and childlike.

Of course, if you’ve been blessed with a perfectly straight smile and would prefer the off-grin of rogue chompers, there’s hope for you too. Dental Salon Plasir, located in Tokyo’s ritzy Ginza district offers a procedure that will totally wreck your teeth for you at a fair price (be sure to check with your insurance
provider first). Thanks to the popularity of impish and fashion-conscious pop-idol groups AKB48 and TYB48, this look doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. Which, for some of us, is something to smile about.

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