One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind…again. Okay, so maybe astronauts didn’t actually step foot on Jupiter yet, but NASA did just get its first good look at the gassy planet (helium gas, not the Tex-Mex kind) to shed some light on when, where and how Jupiter – and by extension, the entire solar system- came together. The $1.1 billion mission launched about five years ago and by February 2018 Juno will have looped around Jupiter a whopping 37 times before taking an intentional death dive into Jupiter’s thick atmosphere. The totally deliberate fiery death of Juno is designed to ensure that Earth microbes don’t contaminate the Jovian moon Europa, which scientists think might be capable of supporting life. Um, whoa.

In honor of this stellar achievement we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite intergalactic, planetary and extra-terrestrial prints that are sure to leave you feeling starry-eyed.

1. Johann Georg Rauch – “Tarot card Jupiter” (1831) Women’s Tank Top


Historically in astrology Jupiter has always been associated with fortune, abundance and great happiness. So it’s no surprise the word “jovial” actually comes from Jove, another name for Jupiter. Express happiness about the planet du jour in this sleek, ultra-comfy Johann Georg Rauch – “Tarot card Jupiter” Women’s Tank Top.


2. Eta Carinae Nebula 1 Space Galaxy Men’s Long Sleeve


Ready to shine bright and stand out from the crowd? That’s easy to do in our Eta Carinae Nebula 1 Space Galaxy Men’s Long Sleeve T-Shirt. Since Eta Carinae is the most luminous and massive stellar system within 10,000 light-years of earth, and its primary star has about 90 times the mass of the sun and outshines it by 5 million times, it’s probably safe to say you’ll be a supernova in this Men’s Long Sleeve T-Shirt.


3. Space Galaxy Ultraviolet Andromeda Galaxy Women’s Chiffon Top


Go under the Milky Way tonight in our Space Galaxy Ultraviolet Andromeda Galaxy Women’s Chiffon Top. The famous spiral galaxy has over 1 trillion stars which often bunch together creating the violet ring-like mosaic image on this chic Women’s Chiffon Top. Pair this top with a faux leather mini skirt and a Saturday night.


4. Neutron Star Illustrated Men’s T-Shirt


Twinkle, twinkle littlest and densest stars in the entire Universe! Neutron stars are created when giant stars die in supernovas and their cores collapse. Kind of morbid, but thanks to the whole gravity thing, it’s actually a lot less messy than it sounds. Look edgy cool in our Neutron Star Illustrated Men’s T-Shirt – this print is sure to leave you star struck!


5. Moon Shine Women’s Top


Shine bright in this celestial print and take your outfit to another dimension. Simplistic and somewhat mysterious, this Moon Shine Women’s Top, is as clever as it is comfortable. The shadowy black and white print goes with just about anything, including handholding under the stars.


6. Galaxy Spitzer Orion Space Galaxy Men’s T-Shirt


Discover the cosmic bursts of color constructed using infrared data from the Spitzer Space Telescope in this trendy Men’s T-Shirt. A true must-have for anyone who loves hot stars and even hotter looks, you’ll love wearing this print with your favorite pair of jeans.