Make an Impression – 6 Artistic Tops for Women

If you’ve ever promised yourself you’d attend the local art gallery opening or finally see that play everyone’s been talking about, yet cancel at the last minute, we feel you. Putting together the perfect outfit for such occasions can be rough. Nothing looks right, clothes are strewn across your bedroom, you’ve tried on a gazillion things (rough estimate) and you’re about ready to, once again, spend the evening with Netflix. Instead of giving up, take heart in knowing our list of 6 impressionistic art clothing tees and leggings are the statement pieces you’ve been seeking. Keep reading for inspiration that will truly make an impression.

1. Jean-Honore Fragonard – “The Swing” Women’s Tank Top

Also known as the “Happy Accidents of the Swing,” this 18th century oil painting is considered to be one of the masterpieces of the rococo era and it’s certainly no accident this design made the list. Wear alone or with a cute cardigan and everyone you meet will agree this is your best work of fashion.

2. Claude Monet – “Blue Water Lilies” – Women’s Shirt

Monet was incredibly selective about his paintings and rightly so. There’s no doubt this, radiant example of French Impressionism and the glory found in nature, looks just as good on museum walls as it does with a pair of jeans.

3. Vincent Van Gogh – “Irises” – Women’s Tank Top

Van Gogh felt that he could keep himself from going insane by painting. We think finding the right tank top is another way. Make an impression next time you go out with this print by the famous Dutch artist.

George Bellows – “Tennis at Newport” – Women’s Tank Top

Bellows enjoyed depicting leisure-time pursuits of the wealthy and this print from 1919 is a testament to that. With the beautiful expression of color, vigor and energy exemplified in this piece, you’re sure to feel powerful and invigorated wearing it.

5. Edward Robert Hughes – “Midsummer Eve” – Women’s T-Shirt

Perhaps even more famous than the painter’s name, this piece is a mythic and luminescent work of imagination and mystery. Just the look you were going for, right? Pair this shirt with a pair of leggings or cute skirt and your style will surely be just as respected and admired as this famous artwork.

6. Monet -“Rue Saint-Denis” – Women’s Leggings

In this painting, Monet depicted a famous street in Paris lined with cafes, bakeries, wine shops, clothing boutiques and flower shops. Which, is pretty much everywhere you’d want to wear these stylish and vibrant leggings to make an impression.

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