We’ve all heard Paul Simon’s 1970’s hit Me & Julio Down By the Schoolyard about a mysterious crime seen by “mama pajama” on the playground. But, when it comes to fashion, the real crime on the schoolyard (or anywhere!) is settling for anything less than the perfect look. Luckily, we have the art of Pablo Picasso printed on tees, tanks, and leggings – the popular trend all the cool kids are wearing. Check out these favorite designs and add them to your schoolyard style.

1. Pablo Picasso – “Yo Picasso” Women’s Chiffon Short Sleeve Shirt


Just like any 19-year-old, Picasso couldn’t resist the “selfie.” This presentation piece announced Picasso’s arrival to the world stage with his virtuoso style. Filled with pride and confidence, this highly personal piece artfully displays Picasso’s extraordinary poise and personality. Wear this tee with your favorite pair of jeans and confidently make your fashion statement.


2. Pablo Picasso – “Child With Dove” Men’s Long Sleeve Shirt


Part of Picasso’s “Blue Period,” the innocence and childlike expression in this print was an essay in abstraction for the Spanish artist. Yet, not one to show much emotion, any sentimentality of the subject is completely avoided by the bold, bright colors.


3. Pablo Picasso – “Boy Leading A Horse” Women’s Leggings


An example of Picasso’s “Rose Period,” this piece was painted in 1905-1906 Paris. You can now find this famous piece in New York City’s Museum of Modern Art, but it looks best paired with a flowy top and strappy sandals.


4. Pablo Picasso – “Le pigeon aux petits pois ” Women’s Short Sleeve Shirt


Although it was not as well-known as Picasso’s other works, this 1911 painting “The Pigeon with Green Peas” recently became famous when it was stolen along with four other paintings from the Mussee d’Art Moderne de la ville de Paris in 2010. With the light beige, pastels, and abstract design, go ahead and steal this look for your wardrobe.


5. Pablo Picasso – “Mother and Child” Women’s Short Sleeve Shirt 


As a new father, Picasso captured many majestic images of mothers with their children. In this beautiful piece an infant sits on his mother’s lap and reaches to touch her. The simple background makes for a serene and tranquil scene. Whether you’re a mother yourself or just love the painting, this shirt is a must for your wardrobe.


6. Pablo Picasso – “Three Musicians” Men’s Short Sleeve Shirt 


Painted while with his young family in the Fontaineblueau in the summer of 1921, this piece represents Picasso’s love of art and music. With its angular shapes, flat patterns, lively colors, and the mystery of not knowing where one musician starts and another stops, this piece is truly enigmatic and alluring.


7. Pablo Picasso – “Girl With A Mandolin” Women’s Leggings


By 1910, Picasso’s paintings were becoming abstract but not entirely so. In this piece the mandolin is cognizable while the figure itself is broken down into geometrical elements. The brown tones paling to beige with blue accents mean these eye-catching leggings will go with a variety of pieces in your wardrobe.