Elements of glitch art meet imagery from the proto-digital age in Yizzam’s newest all over Print T-Shirt Collection, Vaporwave Aesthetica.

MIAMI, FL October 23rd, 2017 – With its satirical take on consumer capitalism and pop culture references, since it’s almost accidental inception, Vaporwave has made a splash on a youthful, trendsetting market of 18-25 year olds. Catering to these leaders in all things fashion and pop culture, the artistic appeal of the aesthetic springs from the surrealist engagement with all things technology, entertainment, and capitalism.

Already known for their exclusive, trendy, and unique all over print apparel, Yizzam, once again satiates the demand to gratify an ever-changing fashion arena with their newest collection, Vaporwave Aesthetica. With t-shirts and hoodies arriving this fall, Vaporwave Aesthetica proves that aesthetics never looked so good. All the artwork in this collection was sourced from top Vaporwave artists pushing the style’s boundaries by creating new and innovate original artwork. As with all of Yizzam’s unique designs, all Vaporwave t-shirts are available for men and women.

“I’m really excited to announce this collection. We worked hard to find the perfect artists behind Vaporwave Aesthetica and our diligence paid off. I can honestly say these all over prints are truly stunning and I’m certain fans of Vaporwave and original fashion will love this collection,” says Pavel Litvinov, Yizzam founder and CEO.

Started under the name of “Seapunk” as a joke on Twitter, Vaporwave blew up to what it is today – a subgenre of art with a heavy political, satirical and artistic agenda. Using images from the 80s and early 90s, Vaporwave essentially is a critique on the major consumerism of that era while reviving the nostalgic and often empty feelings that come with that propaganda. Often considered one of the most energetic and hyper-cynical of art forms, the results of manipulating pieces to defamiliarize them and give them a sense of uncanny expression, is exactly what makes Vaporwave so hypnotic.

Fans of Yizzam, Vaporwave, and fashion alike can now get their hands on the new collection at https://yizzam.com/pages/vaporwave-aesthetica


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