From the spotted print of the leopard to the distinctive pattern of the giraffe, animal prints are a go-to for any woman’s wardrobe. Call it the circle of life, but the familiar look is always relevant and timely because the print themselves make a statement.  Whether the occasion demands edgy or elegant, the following designs from our collection are tastefully chic and equally appropriate for work, evening or weekend.  Get fierce this summer and let your style run wild with these captivating (and vegan!) prints.

1. Cross Leopard Animal Skin Women’s Leggings

cross leopard animal skin womens leggings

More than two centuries after Lauren Bacall and Marilyn Monroe harnessed the power of leopard print, it has silently remained every woman’s secret wardrobe weapon. Keep it casual by wearing these safari-inspired leggings with knee-length boots in a color palette that blends (think neutrals like brown or tan).


2. Cheetah Skin Women’s Short Sleeve Shirt 

cheetah skin top

When you’re on the prowl for the perfect addition to any outfit, look no further then this trendy tee. Easily accessorized for an evening out or paired with a blazar for a refined look, the beauty of this big cat’s skin is a meow-worthy staple.


3. Cow Half Skin Women’s Short Sleeve Shirt

cow skin womens top

Have a cow, man! When your style calls for the simple, no nonsense approach of black-and-white, the skin of the gentle bovine keeps you looking sleek and modern. The colors (or absence of colors, rather) of this tee go with practically everything, so your field of options is wide open.


4. Giraffe Skin Women’s Tank Top

giraffe skin womens tank top

A little animal print goes a long way. Make a classic impression by pairing this tank with black skinny jeans or A-line skirt. Add a pop of color with red heels or a bright handbag and you’re ready for your next adventure!


5. Tribal Zebra Skin Safari Women’s Leggings

zebra skin safari womens leggins

For anyone who likes to have fun with fashion while standing out in style, this monochrome print is a wardrobe must. These leggings go with just about anything and will spice up your look in seconds. Be the queen of the jungle this season with this dramatic look.


6. Cobra Snake Skin Women’s Short Sleeve Shirt

cobra snake skin womens top

Despite the aversion many people have to these slithering reptiles, snake prints are a staple among the fashion-forward. Rock the look of this notoriously venomous creature and leave a lasting impression wherever you go.


7. Cross Peacock Animal Skin Women’s Short Sleeve Shirt

cross peacock animal skin

The perfect print for any style-maven, this fabulous look is rich with color and glamour. Dress this tee up with a handbag and accessories for a night out, or let your feathers down and wear under a hoodie for a stylish alternative to the norm. Either way, you’ll always look pulled together in this definitive print.