For those lucky in love, Valentine’s Day is just another reason to cozy up to your partner and enjoy all that cupid has given you.  Yet for those spending the day single, it’s practically impossible to not be hyper-aware of every TV commercial, billboard, and happy couple displaying what it means to finally find true love.  If you’re not one of the lucky ones making dinner reservations or planning a romantic night with your sweetheart, it can be one of the most depressing days of the year. But chin up, despite the fact that it feels like everywhere you look couples are holding hands and being disgustingly cute, you’re actually not the only one spending Valentine’s Day alone. In fact, far from it.

Truth be told, years ago February 14th was also deemed, S.A.D. or “Singles Awareness Day” by those with only their sense of humor to keep them company. Many singles out there even consider S.A.D as an opportunity to prove that they don’t need a significant other to “complete” them because their lives are awesome with or without a partner. With tons of reasons why being single has its advantages, individuals everywhere are taking the opportunity to treat themselves this February 14th. The following are a few ways to love yourself today and every day of the year.

1. Flowers

Who says you can’t buy yourself flowers? Maybe you prefer daisies instead of roses or colored vases instead of clear. Finally, you can get exactly what you want when you want it. We’ve got 6 more weeks of winter, so you might as well let spring come early and brighten up the place. While you’re at it, throw in a teddy bear and a box of chocolates.

2. Candy

Speaking of chocolates, if there’s one thing single people know, it’s that chocolates will always be there for them. So, why not wait until February 15th when all the Valentine’s Day candy is on sale? You’ll get to stock up your stash for a whole lot cheaper than those suckers in relationships. And best of all, you won’t even have to share.

3. Have a Girls’ or Guys’ Night Out

Instead of being “surprised” by plans made by your significant other, plan something you really want to do with a group of your closest friends. Go bowling, see a movie, or just hang out at the bar together. No matter what, be proactive, and get out there and do something fun with your other single friends. These are the people that often get neglected when you start being a relationship so enjoy every moment.

4. Massage

One of the many self-indulgences that don’t require a partner, a massage is a great way to relax and forget about the stress of finding someone to bring home to your parents.

5. Dating Site Subscription

Many dating sites offer a free Valentine’s Day weekend anyway, but if you’re really trying to avoid being single this time next year, go ahead and treat yourself to a dating site subscription for a month or two. Best of all, you’ll either find your perfect match, or realize you’re not really missing out on much!

6. Buy Yourself Some New Clothes

Perhaps the best thing about being single is not having to explain yourself to anyone. You can spend your money on who you want – YOU! Let yourself feel confident, happy, and most of all, loved, with some of our Single’s Awareness Day wardrobe essentials like our Valentine Candy Womens Leggings, Valentine Candy Mens Hoodie Sweater, Lots Of Love Purple Heart Mens Long Sleeve and Be Still My Heart Eiffel Tower Mens Tank Top. We dare you to find someone you love as much as you love these comfy threads!


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