Okay, okay. So you totally forgot Christmas was on the 25th this year and now you’re scrambling for last minute gifts. Don’t panic. There are plenty of digital-inspired gifts out there that will make you look like a rock star on Christmas morning. So don’t think for another second that your only hope for gifts is a bag of Funyuns and a package of Twinkies from the local gas station.


Yizzam All Over Print Digital Gift Card

Of course, we have a digital gift card! If you know they love Yizzam but are having trouble deciding what print or apparel to get them, give them a digital gift card and let them decide. They will love you for it and it’s super easy!

Headspace SubscriptionHeadspace

We all have that one totally stressed out friend. No matter what is going on in their life, they are anxious over one thing or another. Give them the gift of peace this year with a subscription to daily meditation. Practicing daily meditation is a commitment, and this is a thoughtful gift to help them get going. With hundreds of guided meditations and relaxation to help with focus, sleep, and, you guessed it, anxiety, it’s just what they know they need but are too stressed to get for themselves. The app even lets them track their progress, so they can see that clearer days are ahead and the worst are behind them.


Know a fitness buff who can’t seem to pick just one yoga studio? Now they don’t have to! When you give them the gift of Class Pass, you help them get out of a workout rut and into a variety of gyms and studios. They can mix up their routine every day or whenever they want to activate the credit. The possibilities are endless as they discover classes that they may not have known about otherwise. This is also a great gift for someone new to fitness as it lets them try a bunch of different gyms before settling on one.

Winc SubscriptionWinc Logo

Yes, a wine subscription is a real thing. And for around $60.00, you can give the gift of wine personalized each monthly specifically for the recipient’s palate. Three bottles come with each package and the recipient can go with the curated picks or choose something completely different.  This subscription makes a great gift for your favorite hostess or, you know, in addition to that meditation app mentioned above. We won’t tell if you throw a subscription in for yourself, too.

Bouqs Flower SubscriptionBouqs Logo

The winter months can get pretty dreary, so why not give that special someone the gift of recurring flower delivery. You can choose delivery as often as every week to as infrequent as every quarter, so there’s something for every budget. Choose between a variety of bouquet styles and flower arrangements. You could even do a one-time shipment if you just want to let the recipient know you’re thinking about them over the holidays.

Audible.com Subscription

Have a friend who loves reading but not a lot of time? An Audible.com membership is the perfect way to give them the gift of books that they can listen to when their on the go. From the car to the gym, your friend or family member will finally get in all the books they’ve been wanting to read this year.

Media StreamingMedia Streaming

Celebrate good friends with good entertainment by giving them a subscription to a media streaming service. Here are some of the most popular services and their membership prices:

Hulu Plus – One month of unlimited movie and TV series streaming for $7.99.
Netflix – Unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows for $7.99 per month
Spotify – Ad-free commercial music streaming gift cards starting at $10.
Pandora – Taste-based music streaming for $36 per year.

There are many others out there, so check around and find one that has everything your friend loves!



Amazon Prime

Have a friend that practically lives on Amazon? There’s one in every crowd. Why not give them a year membership to Amazon Prime? They will reap the benefits of free shipping and exclusive deals.



While you’re on Amazon, you could pick out some eBooks for the people on your list. Find the titles they want and then send them directly to their tablet. Anyone can enjoy Kindle books from Amazon by downloading the Kindle app – no actual Kindle required.



There’s nothing worse than a stale playlist. Give them the gift of music this year and they will think of you every time they rock out in the car, at the gym, or the shower (not in a creepy way).


Protect Wildlife

If you or anyone on your list is the type that starts bawling when commercials for the Humane Society, ASPCA, or WWF come on television, then you may just want to give the gift of protecting wildlife. These memberships are typically less than $50/year and they help animals and the environment in a big way.

coffee images


Many coffee lovers use mobile pay so they can get their caffeine fix even faster. If you know a person like that, go ahead and fill up their Starbucks card this season. They will be infinitely grateful for the gift you give of energizing their day!