Samurais, the military elite that dominated Japanese politics, social policies, and economics during the 12th and 19th centuries, were warriors with untold martial prowess. They were expert in archery, swordsmanship, and horseback riding while often devoted patrons of Buddhism and Zen. The Samurai was a highly cultivated individual who enjoyed splendor and a good cup of tea. Now you can unleash your inner Samurai with these trendy styles that capture the paradoxical relationship between the cultivation of bu and bun—the arts of war and of culture— that so deeply characterized Japan’s greatest warriors.

1. Japan – Toyohara Kunichika – “Dosetsu Vs Kenpachi” Men’s Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Dosetsu Vs Kenpachi mens long sleeve

This print from the famous Japanese woodprint artist represents strength and power while displaying elaborate colors and impeccable design. Show your style and deep appreciate for kabuki drama with this colorful tee.


2. Japan “Samurai Japanese Print” Men’s T-Shirt

Samurai_Japanese Print mens front

Just as the Samurai saying of “pen and sword in accord” held true for the warriors, you can show that your love of all things Japanese culture and fashion are in accord when you strut your stuff in this expressively detailed tee.


3. Japan – “Onyudo” Men’s Tank top


Appearing from story to story in Japanese folklore, the Onyudo is always big and often shape-shifting, while keeping his identity a mystery. If you enjoy keeping a bit of mystery about yourself, you’re sure to love this tank inspired by Japanese legends.


4. Japanese Samurai with Sword Men’s Long Sleeve T-Shirt


Be bold, be brave, but most of all be fashion forward in this one-of- a-kind tee. Stay bound to your code of honor while saving the day in this dark, dramatically trendy long sleeve tee.


5. Japan – “Pankwan The Decider Of Life” Men’s Short Sleeve T-Shirt


Whether you are superstitious or not, you don’t want to mess with Pankwan (P’an-kwan)! This evil warrior looks like he is ready to dominate whatever comes his way. Take your fashion up a notch with this infamous soldier.


6. Japan – The God of Agriculture Men’s Tank Top


What could go wrong with this agriculture deity front and center? Whether you’re actually planting a garden or just hungry for the perfect burrito, proudly wear this tank and let the Japanese gods guard your food decisions.


7. Japan – Utagawa Hiroshige – “Giant Red Carp” Men’s Short Sleeve T-Shirt


Considered the last master of the ukiyo-e art, Utagawa Hiroshige is known for his landscapes and strong subjects. With an ambient, poetic approach, he was beloved by many including Van Gogh. This stunning tee is printed with one of Hiroshige’s most famous designs.


8. Japan – Ichiyusai Kuniyoshi – “Battle of Dannoura” Men’s Tank Top


This tank depicts the major sea battle of the Genpei War, occurring at Dan-no- ura. With so much history and drama behind this print, you will surely turn some heads and strike up a few conversations with this fashion gem.


9. Japan – Utagawa Hiroshige – “Old Story of Azuma” Men’s T-Shirt


Meaning “Mirror of the East,” the Azuma is a Japanese historical chronicle. Originally consisting of 52 chapters, the whereabouts of chapter 45 is still a mystery. Considered the most important existing document concerning the Kamakura period, this intricate print makes for a unique and eye-catching tee.


10. Japan – Utagawa Kunisada – “Magic Contest” Men’s T-Shirt


This striking scene of the magician Daijyamaru displaying an abandoned woman’s kimono beside him, is considered a masterpiece by many. But it doesn’t take a magician to make fashion happen when this exceptionally rare and stunning print is worn with a sport coat and your favorite pair of jeans.


11. Japan – Toyohara Kunichika – “Parody of Hakkenden” Men’s Long Sleeve T-Shirt


Toyohara Kunichika was considered a master of design and his work was often rated highest among his peers. With one of his most famous woodblock paintings printed on this long sleeve tee, you’re sure to stand out among your peers too.