Wear It, Don’t Eat It! – 8 Ways to Wear Your Food Fashionably

Food trucks, food festivals, eating contests and the like all pay homage to some of the tastiest dishes around. But at the end of the day, the best way to express your culinary obsessions is through fashion. Finally you can let the world know you’re a serious foodie by pairing your sense of style with these appetizing threads. Here are 8 delightfully appealing designs from our collection to keep you looking simply delicious! All of these designs, by the way, are available in a variety of men’s and women’s apparel.

1. Cupcake Sweetheart Women’s T-Shirt

No food can instantly put a smile on a person’s face quite like a cupcake. A perfectly portioned cake that requires absolutely no sharing! What’s not to love? Add butter cream frosting and sprinkles and it’s heaven at your fingertips. This delightfully trendy tee lets you have your cake and wear it too, so don’t be surprised if you giggle a little bit when you put it on.

2. Hot Dog Shower Men’s T-Shirt

In a world of cheeseburgers, have a hotdog! This unique design is everything we love about the ball park, picnics and eating contests wrapped into one meaty fashion statement. Perfect for any occasion, stand out in the crowd and let others relish in your style.

3. Happy Donuts Women’s Leggings

Finally you can let those donuts go to your hips! No need to decide between chocolate, cream-filled or cruller, we’ve given you the whole dozen. Look fancy without gaining a pound in these trendy and comfortable leggings.

4. Mac And Cheese Men’s T-Shirt

Baked, slow cooked, or on the stovetop, nothing says comfort food like a bowl of Mac & Cheese. Pair with jeans and sneakers and let your favorite go-to lunch become your favorite go-to outfit. Just like mom used to make, this design is truly a classic.

5. Beer Frothy Good Time Men’s T-Shirt

Don’t just go to the party, bring the party with you wherever you go! Let everyone know the next round’s on you with this perfectly crafted tee. There’s no denying you’re ready to have a good time when you show up in this trendy design.

6. Mojito Sunrise Women’s Leggings

Isn’t it time you took a tropical time out? Everyone loves the mojito, and they are sure to love your grand entrance when you walk in wearing these sweet and refreshingly comfortable leggings. This steamy design is fit for a night out in Havana.

7. Crispy Bacon Jumbo Men’s Tank

It’s been said (and proven!) that adding bacon to any food makes it instantly better. Funny how that theory works for fashion too. Add this sizzlin’; bacon design to any wardrobe and suddenly you just upped your game.

8. Cream Cone Boogy Jumbo Women’s Tank Top

I scream, you scream, we all scream for this yummy design! No need for a spoon or bowl with this mouthwatering look. A creative twist to everyone’s favorite summer time treat, this tank top a la mode is delightfully satisfying with zero calories.

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