Some believe that human traits and skills are rooted back to members of the animal kingdom and that having a Spirit Animal is a representation of who or what you want to be. Whether you were born to be cute or ferocious, there’s a style to help convey your wild soul. We’ve paired a few of the most common spirit animals with some fashion favorites. Check out this list to find your visceral connection.

1. Bamboo Cowboy Panda Women’s Short Sleeve T-Shirt


Pandas are known for their inspiring tranquil strength and determination. If you have the panda as your spirit animal you may feel inclined to seek a balanced and nurtured yet lively path in life. What’s livelier than a panda in a cowboy hat? Show off your fun-loving, gentle nature represented by the panda in this fun, light-hearted tee.


2. Blue Cool Dolphin Women’s Tank Top


Highly intelligent and closely in tune with their instincts, dolphins are a symbol of security and renewal. Their joyous, playful approach to life makes them some of the most blissful animals in the kingdom. We’ve captured the peaceful, serene identity of these beautiful creatures in this chic tank.


3. Running Golden Horse Women’s Short Sleeve T-Shirt


Wild or tamed, the horse represents free movement and strength. If you identify with the horse you have strong personal drive and an appetite for freedom. Let your style and energy flow in this design perfect for equestrian appreciation.


4. Watching Owl Women’s 3/4 Sleeve T-Shirt


Are you intuitive with a unique ability to see what’s hidden to most? Then perhaps the wisdom and guidance of the regal owl suits your spirit. If you’re feeling nocturnal, pair this chic tee with your favorite skirt and you’re ready for a night out.


5. Luna Wolf Women’s Short Sleeve T-Shirt


The power of the wolf brings forth natural instinct and a sense of belonging. With the wolf as your spirt animal, you are sure to lead the pack with your sharp intelligence and keen sense of fashion. This print highlights this majestic animal and will surely bring you social connections with all the compliments you will receive from wearing it.


6. Little Tiger Peek Leggings 


Your spontaneity, unpredictability and gift to trust yourself makes the tiger your spirit animal. You are a dreamer and courageous with an energy to always try something new like these chic leggings. Pair with heels for an elegant, feminine look or running shoes to get your prowl on.


7. Adorable Orange Turtle Underwater Women’s Tank Top


Taking things slow and steady is what you do best with the turtle as your spirit animal. Your determination, persistence, and emotional strength is admirable. As the practical one among your peers, your efforts never go unnoticed. Stand out and stay grounded in this reptilian look.


8. Deer Moon Leggings


With your ability to be vigilant, agile and get yourself out of even the trickiest situations, you have the deer as your spirt animal. Your kindness, innocence and sensitivity is attractive and endearing. What better way to gracefully move through life then with these comfortable and stylish leggings printed with this gentle soul?



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